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Nothing Wasted

It was March 2016 and I was walking along a beach in James Bay when I noticed the leftovers of a beach fire someone had set.  For some reason the charcoal looked beautiful to me, it reminded me of a crow wing or feathers.  I went to have a closer look and realized that I could probably use the charcoal to draw with and so I took some home.

At the time, I still wasn’t drawing or painting much of anything, I just took the charcoal home with me because I like the idea of it, put it in a box and filed it away with all my other art supplies.  I guess I was just intrigued by the idea that someone else’s waste could become the raw materials for something entirely new.

I found that charcoal again recently and decided to finally put it to use.  I was getting a little tired of painting anyhow and had decided to work on my drawing for a bit.  The “Nothing Wasted” series is the result.  Take a look around and let me know what you think.