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My first experience with silkscreen printing was in high school, printing rude shirts off for my friends to wear on civvies day.  They were a hit in the Catholic high school I attended.

In my twenties, and working on my degree at York University, I discovered that what I really love about serigraphy is the ability to lay down broad areas of flat colour.  Introduced to the notion of monoprinting, (using printmaking techniques to produce unique pictures, but you can read more about that here.) I took to using silkscreens to making pictures through repeated prints – and partial prints – layering them in different colours.  Those early experiments resulted in pictures like the Sputnik series, which I just picked up recently to complete.  Later, I also tried using silk screens as a paint brush, layering thin cats of translucent black paint.

While I was working on the Autumn Matrix pictures, I became frustrated by my inability to scale them up and it occurred to me that perhaps monoprinting with a silkscreen might hold the solution.  So I got to work, and the Occlusion pictures are the result.